Friday, April 28, 2017

Eugenics timeless style

The old adage remains true: Keep something long enough and it will be back in style.

Eugenics is more American than apple pie.

Europe colonized North America with its undesirables. Its exiled social undesirables who were poor, indebted, unemployed, or criminal to the swampland it called the New World. If they couldn't survive on their own, they had only themselves to blame. Their betters had magnanimously given them a second chance. What mattered was that the best of the human race remain in Europe while the trash of humanity be expediently disposed.

It took Europe a century to notice what had been going on all along right underneath its upturned noble nose: The inferiors competently managed their own affairs. The colonials established towns, built and maintained their own infrastructure. They were even capable of maintaining law and order through their own self-governing bodies. By 1776, it was too late for Europe to assert dominance over its possessions. A breed of nation, democracy, revived in America.

Like their European forbearers, American founding fathers favored selective breeding to produce the best breed of citizen just as they used it to produce the best breed of livestock. Homesteading, forty acres and a mule induced social undesirables who were poor, indebted, unemployed, or criminal to make a new start far away from established eastern cities by migrating to the western frontier. "Go west, young man" was the proverbial situation of sink or swim all over again.

With the migration from the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression, America found it had run out of frontiers in new worlds to dump trash population. The science of eugenics provided the solution through social engineering.

Entitlement programs stepped in to feed, clothe, and shelter the unemployed. Welfare provided income for the chronic unemployed. Food stamps fed them. Section 8 benefits kept a roof over the heads of the homeless. Entitlement programs reinforced their self-worth. A dumbed-down education
system protected and validated their self-esteem. Within a few generations, the stigma of being trash had been bred out. Everyone is entitled to everything.

There is no shame today in not being self-reliant or being ethics-challenged. Anyone, regardless of race, creed, national origin, or sexual preference is free of the burden of self-reliance and ethics. An impoverished homeless addict living on government subsidies is the equal of an affluent  incompetent corporate executive accepting a federal bailout. The executive can indulge a government-funded extravagant lifestyle; the addict can likewise indulge an addiction. Relief from the angst of not having an entitlement fulfilled is just a prescription filling or bankruptcy filing away.

Eugenics has bred trash that now feels good about themselves regardless of their position in America's all-inclusive society.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Gentrification of Greed

One must be politically correct to avoid micro-aggression when speaking of greed:

What used to be greed is now referred to as enterprise.

The capitalist pig of yesterday is now referred to as a venture capitalist to preserve their self-esteem.

The corrupt aren't bad people, but merely ethically challenged.

Greed, more properly referred to as profit, is a reaffirmation of self-worth.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Was the Trump election a referendum on the government or the voting populace?

Did an entitled population choose one who feels entitled to hold office over one with the skill-set and experience to hold office?

The question gets murkier with a CEO cabinet staff of people with little government experience outside of lobbying for corporate influence or bailouts during the 2007 economic meltdown.

Trump thinks he can turn a profit from exercising his presidential power. What he doesn't get is the likes of Putin aren't about the money; they are about power. Is this a case of ignorance - being too dumb to know better, or arrogance - too blind to the truth of being used?

It's difficult to know if Donald Trump's Twitter tantrums are braggadocio or bold fa├žade of someone in over their head.

What's for certain is that things will be different after January 20, 2017.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Jackie O style redux

How will America, and the world at large, endure the sight of overweight women who feel entitled to ape the style of a first lady with the supermodel looks of Melania Trump?

At least there will be someone there to defend their self-esteem from being cyber-bullied.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Trump Brand

The voters have spoken.

They invested their votes in Donald Trump.

What remains to be seen is the kind of value the Trump brand brings to America.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Engaging the Millenials

Engaging the millennials in the job place is a popular management scheme. They must be allowed to have fun and be creative on the job.

Do they come to their job to to work or be entertained?

Is the performance aspect of managers' evaluation reviews based upon how efficiently he managed the department, or how well he entertained the staff?

What about the investors? Do they measure the profit on their investment in terms of efficient management, or entertained staff? Would they say of a failed company that it lost their money in an entertainingly creative way?